Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese Internet Invulnerability Earthquake & Tsunami

Although hit by the earthquake-tsunami continues with massive scale, Internet infrastructure in Japan seems only slightly affected. This conclusion was presented by the Internet monitoring company, Renesys.

According to James Cowie as CTO Renesys, most Internet websites continue to operate and remain available to support the communication function in the City of Sakura's. When the earthquake happened, about 100 of the 6,000 networks in Japan really had not operate. But it all again recovered several hours later.

Then, traffic to and from Japan fell to about 25 Gbps after the quake, and then back to normal soon. Renesys Party claimed not to know exactly why the internet in Japan can survive well.

"Why do we not see the additional impact on international Internet traffic in a very destructive earthquake? We do not know yet," said Cowie, reported by Computerworld and quoted on Monday (3/14/2011).

Indeed, the impact of this disaster, when viewed from the side of casualties and economic damage, estimated to be very big. One reason the Internet connection pretty fine probably because the underwater cable is not so affected by the earthquake. It's not like an earthquake in Taiwan in 2006, which destroyed many of the cable.

Damage was detected in two segments Pacnet's EAC cable system, which caused some disruption of connections in Japan, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Pacific Crossing undersea cable is also affected by the damage. But in general, internet connection in Japan survive well.

"It is clear that the internet connectivity in Japan to survive in this disaster better than expectations," said Cowie.

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