Monday, March 14, 2011

some point the battery can withstand many months

It would be delicious if the phone can last very long. Obviously, this makes us not bother to frequently recharge the battery. Is there a phone like that? The answer, no. A new way to make a cell phone and hold on to for months!

A team of experts electricity from Illinois University in the United States (U.S.) believe, they found the method, enabling mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops can be 100 times more durable one-time recharge the battery.

Mentioned Feng Xiong, who led the study, he and his team focus on changing the way digital devices working memory, which consumes more power. He explained that the memory device containing a thin metal wire. Well, every time there is information that is accessible, electricity will flow along the wire is to retrieve data.

Then, Xiong and his team think, if the size of components used to store and retrieve information only can be reduced, then so too will the number of electricity.

"We found ways to use carbon nanotubes, the carbon tubes measuring 10 thousand times smaller than a hair," he said as quoted by the Telegraph, on Monday (3/14/2011).

"Energy consumption is essentially a scale similar to the bits of memory. By using nano-scale contacts, we can achieve power consumption is much smaller," he explained.

Meanwhile, Professor Eric Pop project leader of a study published in the journal Science is mentioned, these methods can improve the efficiency of mobile phones that can be lit only by using heat, kinetic energy or solar energy.

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