Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can you believe this is the world's smallest camera

Viewwit news Online...No matter how small the size of the existing mini-camera, apparently defeated by the microscopic origin of this German camera. Developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute, a super-sized camera is small, equivalent to a grain of salt. Wow!

Imagine, a company jointly developed camera image sensor is sized Awaiba total 1x1x1 millimeter. Image sensors embedded in it and there is a layer on top of the lens. The research team claims, this is the smallest camera ever in the world.

Quoted from Crunch Gear, Monday (03/14/2011), 250x250 resolution camera is working with mengirikam signals via electrical wires contained within fiber optic cable.

Given its size is so small, then to what these cameras? It said the research team, they created a camera intended for medical purposes. That is why, this camera is disposable and intended for the price is quite affordable.

"This makes it ideal for the practice of endoscopy. The super small size allows the camera is used to detect motion and so forth," said team spokesman.

For information, endoscopy is a medical activity that inspect and examine the inside of the body using an instrument called an endoscope.

It is expected that in 2012, this camera is ready for the market. Not for consumer applications, in accordance with the purpose of this camera sold is limited to the medical community.

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