Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Telepresence 2.0 , Virtual Meetings Make the Real

Telepresence 2.0 , Virtual Meetings Make the Real. Services video communication system or the more popularly known as a virtual meeting activity the more recent large-scale enterprise ogled on the basis of efficiency and savings.

Have always known it, would be difficult if within five days you are required to be present in five different cities to conduct coordination meetings. But with a virtual meeting services, the fifth meeting agenda can be directly solved in one day.

Yes, of course, the employees do not need to perform an exhausting trip. But enough meeting space to move them into the virtual world of internet alias.

This solution is far today echoed true. It's just that now its development is increasingly sophisticated and increasingly approaching a sensation when meeting in the real world.

One of the vendors who are interested to play in this business segment is Huawei. China-based company was also confident to conquer the world of video communication systems market through Telepresence 2.0.

2.0 Telepresence is video communications solutions Huawei the fifth generation. These services try ditelurkan through a product called TP3106 and touted as the first telepresence system capable of displaying high definition video (HD) 1080p 50/60 fps.

2.0 Telepresence set equipped by 6 speakers, 3 cameras and 3 big screen as a display for displaying images or a party opponent who was invited to the meeting. While navigating through the Android tablet PC which has also been included in one package.

In the demo is tested directly on the sidelines of the event VIEWWIT ITU Telecom World 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland, be seen that the display is emitted from the display is fairly clear and realtime.

Face and eye contact could occur. In short, if your men who were invited to online meetings that led to the unpleasant impression it can be directly seen.

The sound produced also like to speak directly. Because the sound came from the direction of the person who spoke. Therefore, the average of other video communications system generally will issue all kinds of sound from the center, where the only speakers are located.

Slightly different from Huawei's Telepresence 2.0 that carries three speakers and embedded in every part of the screen. So the automated voice will come from the direction of the talk.

Another capability of this solution is to share content and applications. For example, our distant meeting partners over there working on a project and would like to ask our opinion. So he just send the file directly to the intended course.

And in an instant we could see it in realtime. Including if any editing is done, changes in appearance that is sent in place immediately occur.

The safety factor is also not forget Huawei. Where already using the standard H.235 signaling and media stream encryption and AES encryption of media streams. An administrator features, access and control the conference also features a password.

To be able to use this device to prepare the fund to $ 190 thousand per one set. This figure is quite large, but try to compare it with how much the trip costs should the firm every year.

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