Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huawei Want $ 15 Billion of Enterprise Market

Huawei Want $ 15 Billion of Enterprise Market, Huawei is OK as long as identical as a vendor network and telecommunications infrastructure. But lately, marching Huawei increasingly aggressive business expansion to target the enterprise market.

Enterprise market is different from the previous target market that targets the carrier aka telecom operators. But more to the vertical industries such as government, health industry, banking, education, and more.

William Xu, President of Huawei's Enterprise Business Group said that for this year's turnover of their business in the enterprise segment numbers predicted would reach $ 4 billion globally.

As for staying digadang in 2012 rose almost doubled to $ 7 billion. "But for the year 2015, we aim to record sales of USD 15-20 billion," said William, in a press conference on the sidelines of ITU Telecom World in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ambitious mission is indeed less than half of the company's overall sales target of $ 80 billion in 2015. But look at Huawei line of business enterprise that is still young, these targets can be fairly certainly flashy.

Huawei itself today still rely on injections of income from business lines of the network service provider for telecom operators. The comparison still jomplang with Huawei's other two business divisions, namely enterprise and devices sector, where the shaded cell phone and modem products.

"But it seems we must begin to expand with more serious now. The reason, cloud computing is currently being developed and we are ready to develop our business experiences so far in the operator segment," said William.

Well, the one reliable product that Huawei is enterprise cloud computing. Where to implement this service in collaboration with Huawei Symantec to security aspects.

As for the servers used, vendors from the Bamboo Curtain country is also open cooperation with VMware, although the true Huawei also has a server product since five years ago.

"You can not walk alone to navigate the IT industry, but should be able to collaborate with other players. Related to the server we allow clients to determine their choice, although we also provide the option," said Ronald Raffensperger, Director of Huawei Core Network Marketing.

"For cloud computing, Huawei is still young, just three years ago. But that is only a matter of time," he insisted.

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