Saturday, May 21, 2011

Batik Solo Try Global Through Internet

Viewwit news Online-Batik, as the richness of Indonesian culture was not only enjoyed by people of the country. Other countries were able captivated by it. Internet so the opportunity to become global batik.

Attempts to bring batik to the global stage one of which was sought by entrepreneurs in Kampoeng Batik Laweyan, Solo.

Dhany Arifmawan, batik Cempaka graha owner said, although batik is identical to the identity of Indonesia, but also the interest of many countries. Solo batik business carried on by Dhany for example, has walked the business to Surinam, Singapore, and Japan.

Well, the internet seems to have a big hand in the capture of Singapore and Japanese markets for business batik Cempaka. "So initially, they (businessmen from Japan and Singapore, ed.) View our site, then contacted for the order because it attracted," said Dhani, Viewwit found in the outlets which is very nuanced Java.

The number of orders from the two countries is not very big, only about 100 pieces per month. However it is believed, this effort will be pedestal Solo batik craftsmen to expand its expansion in international markets.

Style batik to Singapore and Japan were adjusted to local market interests. For Singapore, for example carrying pictures of soldiers, while Japan chose bamboo elements.

Batik Cempaka own start in the realm of online business since 2005 with the pioneering site. Dhani enough to recruit a single person to take care of the kitchen workers freelance IT site.

"Not bad, with the addition of one person that we can expand marketing, improve confidence, and with the times by having the site," said Dhani.

Even so, it does not mean that home-based businesses go online batik has no hadangan. The first constraint is about the length of the booking process until goods are delivered, then a matter of equating mind.

"For example, they asked for a design, but when we try to translate the above ingredients may be different, this is sometimes a barrier," he concluded.

Now, batik has menangguk Cempaka Dhani turnover of Rp 30 million per month. Still small indeed, but for this kind of cottage industry seems to be practically tolerable. Moreover, their business continues to spin wheels looking to the future and open to the development of civilization.

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