Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornado disaster in america

News Today,Tornado disaster if this is the among the most deadly since a similar tornado ever occurred on March 21, 1932 when 332 people were killed in what is known as the Deep South tornado outbreak.
American tornadoes occurred since Saturday (16 / 4) evening local time. A tornado has devastated the American states, including Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virgian and Arkansas.
The death toll from deadly tornadoes and hurricanes which hit the southern United States has risen to be nearly 300, and 194 people were confirmed dead in the state of Alabama alone, according to data released Thursday victims (28 / 4).

Description The American officials said the death toll from typhoon tornadoes this American hurricane disaster  tornadoes America 2011 in six southern states has risen to 321 people, which is the most deadly hurricane tornado that struck the United States in 80 years.
They also assert that the number of deaths increased to 228 in Alabama, which is the country worst affected by tornadoes, AFP reported on Friday 29 April.
The storm also caused 34 dead in Tennessee, 33 in Mississippi, 15 in Georgia, six in Arkansas, and five in Virginia, according to state officials.
On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama and promised to help dozens of cities and towns throughout the southern states affected by the tornado.
"We will ensure that you do not forget," Obama said after meeting with residents whose homes were destroyed by a tornado in uscaloosa. "I've never seen damage like this. It's very heartbreaking."
"We can not take them that have been lost to return, they are with God at the moment," Obama said, but he gives a maximum security federal aid to cope with a huge property damages and recovery costs.
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