Friday, April 29, 2011

Apple profit Higher, rather than Microsoft

HOT NEWS Today Saturday (30/04/2011). With the release of the report Microsoft's fiscal third quarter, now is the time to compare with their rival company, Apple. In terms of sales and profits, the company Steve Jobs is still superior.

If Microsoft had a total profit of USD 16.43 billion in the fiscal year, then Apple has a total profit of USD 24.67 billion.

Apple has closed the fiscal quarter report this year which ends on March 26, 2011, while Microsoft closed on March 31, 2011.

As Hot News quoted from Cnet , Apple began to feel a wave of victory since May 2010 with sales of the iPhone. In October, Apple's profit is increasing rather than Microsoft.

Factors that Apple's revenue boost none other than the massive sales of the iPhone as much as 18.65 million units. For information, sales of the iPhone itself if it is half Terliht
from Apple's own total profit.

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