Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

HOT NEWS today. all eyes fixed on the television screen or PC respectively, while watching glorious William and Kate's wedding. It is better to use the following applications for Windows Phone laden information about the Royal Wedding.

Size of 4 MB of free applications are just there on Windows Marketplace Phone 7. His name is 'Royal Wedding', according to a grand event witnessed by thousands of eyes today.

'Royal Wedding' contains around a fairly complete reference information about the grand wedding event. Starting from a family who Prince William and Kate Middelton, to design a dress like what was used when the British royal wedding crown prince, or Blue Sapphire ring that will be derived.

When tested HOT NEWS, Friday (4/29/2011), the media can follow the latest press release from the British empire through this application. Not just the latest update, users can listen to the latest Twitter status every second with a hash mark # RoyalWedding or # rw11.

The first page of this application entitled 'Who's Who', it is about important figures in William and Kate's wedding. The second page contains the 'Royal News' and 'In the News'. Hunters must listen to issue and news updates of this section.

The next two pages devoted to the public via twitter named 'Royal Press' and 'Plarence House'. Its contents tweet about the contents of the event. Some of the tweet contains interesting things around the site that may escape from the mass media. According HOT NEWS, this simple application must be downloaded to all users of Windows Phone 7.

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