Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on hot news - Google and Facebook sues French Privacy Problem

If during this Google and Facebook are facing charges about privacy from different countries, different story with the French. Precisely these two giant Internet companies that filed claims of privacy to the highest judicial body Affairs of the Eifel tower.

Together with the Internet companies 'heavy' other, they objected to because of regulations in France require that they keep the personal data of web users for a year.
Noted, no more than 20 Internet companies active in France, which joined in this suit, including the giant auction site eBay. They represented French Association of Internet Community Services (ASIC).

"ASIC filed an objection to the State Council on the rules of storing data connections," said the head of ASIC Benoit Tabaka, reported by AFP and quoted HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE, Wednesday (06/04/2011).

Regulations issued in early March, requiring e-commerce sites, music videos, and email service while keeping their customer data.

The stored data including full name, postal code address, a pseudonym, email address associated, phone numbers, and passwords and data used to check or modify it.

Such data should be retained for one year and can be requested if necessary for the sake of police investigation, fraud actions, duties, taxes or social security officials.

ASIC is said there are some problems in this rule, one of them there was no consultation with the European Commission. "It's very surprising, liabilities password and submit it to the police," Tabaka said.

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