Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virtual Farmers Collect $ 1 Million for Japan

The earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan has inspired the hearts of all people around the world to give help and support victims there, not to mention a virtual farmers in Farmville.

Zynga games as pembesut popular social networking Farmville, said the players had managed to collect $ 1 million for Save the Children's Japan.

Reported by AFP and disitat ITGazine, Tuesday (03/15/2011), Zynga game invites all players to donate their money through virtual goods Farmville, CityVille, FrontierVille and other games.

All the purchases' potato 'in CityVille,' radish 'in Farmville or' cow 'in FrontierVille donation will be channeled to programs' Save the Children's Japan, for the psychological recovery of children affected by natural disasters in countries such sakura.

Through Twitter account, a spokesman for Zynga, Dani Dudeck, said that kind of money collected in just over 36 hours and most likely still will increase.

"We're very grateful Zynga could offer assistance to child victims of the earthquake and tsunami, to mobilize our technology, and an awesome community of gamers who fully supports this program," he wrote in his blog Zynga.

Previously, Zynga also been doing the same campaign during the earthquake in Haiti. Zynga addition, other technology companies also deploy what they have to help the Japanese.

Among Google's search service that provides victims through "Person Finder", Twitter as a provider of information and offer various suggestions to make donations, do not miss Apple also provides the option in iTunes that allows users to channel their assistance to the Red Cross.

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