Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being this the iPhone 5?

iPad 2 has arrived. Now, fans of Apple's back waiting for the presence of other Apple gadgets mainstay, especially if not a smartphone iPhone 5, which almost certainly slide in 2011. Various rumors were milling about the iPhone 5, which is the latest manifestation of smart phones leaked Apple's pride.
A site in China, iDealsChina post an image that claims to be a manifestation of the iPhone 5. This image is otherwise designed to facilitate third-party manufacturers in making the iPhone a protective casing 5.

Previously, images like this also appears to show a form iPad 2. And it turns out after iPad 2 was released, leaked pictures were similar. So it is not impossible that there was no iPhone picture 5 was in accordance with reality.
As HOT NEWS  quoted from Cnet, on Tuesday (03/15/2011), appears in the picture that the iPhone 5 looks similar to her brother, iPhone 4. But the size of the screen look bigger.

But of course, this leak could not be trusted just like that. For there is no any confirmation from Apple that the iPhone form 5 is the case.

Previously there was also another rumor that says Apple will get rid of the glass material in the manufacture of the iPhone 5 and re-use aluminum. Then, they would redesign the antenna to avoid problems antennagate

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