Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nokia Reveals Risk of co-operation with Microsoft

Nokia will rely on operating system Windows Phone 7 (WP 7) of the smartphone segment. In the description given on the institution of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States, the largest global handset vendor is to submit a number of risk on the deal with Microsoft.

The report should be submitted to the SEC for the investors know the risk factors when investing. One of the points in this report include software Windows 7 Phone judged immature. Naturally, this is indeed the new OS was released late last year.

"Platform Windows Phone has just appeared, with the adoption and low consumer awareness than the Android platform and Apple, and partnering with Microsoft may not successfully develop the competitive smartphone platform," says Nokia on the risks duet with Microsoft.

Nokia also recognizes that the process of agreement with Microsoft has not reached the final. By choosing WP 7, Nokia hopes to reach a wider market in quick time. But the transition to WP 7 will probably take too long.

Quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (03/15/2011), Nokia target time of 2 years to make the transition to Wp 7 as their primary platform. During this time, Nokia will continue to support Symbian OS, and hopes to lead consumers to switch to the handset WP 7 later.

In the report, Nokia said it is also about the challenges they may face internally when partnering with Microsoft. For example, the difficulty in changing the working culture for a duet with Microsoft running effectively. This change was considered to be a worker Nokia hit by dissatisfaction.

The partnership with Microsoft is expected to make the Nokia compete more strongly in the smart phone segment. Yes, although still control the global handset market, they recently enough to face invasion keteteran Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

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