Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Internet exploler 9

Microsoft officially released the final version of Internet Explorer 9, the newest Internet browser. Brought a number of advantages and some analysts said, IE 9 is a huge leap forward than previous IE versions.

Brower main interface is considered far more simple. IE 9 also supports HTML 5 and be able to maximize the graphics card to handle the animation or image heavy. Yes, he was able to make the graphics card in the PC graphics rendering and animation more quickly.

"IE 9 is the first browser to take full advantage of not only the CPU but the GPU (graphics processing unit)," Ari Bixhorn claims from Microsoft. Quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (03/15/2011), IE 9 enables developers to add more content moves and web graphics.

Indeed, other browsers also have various forms of optimization of hardware in its product, but Microsoft seems to be more focused here. They claim to be able to exploit the CPU and GPU to dramatically improve the performance of the browser.

IE 9 can be downloaded through the site beautyoftheweb. Unfortunately, IE 9 is only available for the operating system Windows Vista and Windows 7 just so users of Windows XP have to bite the fingers. Though still a lot of XP users counted.

Internet Explorer still holds the highest market share in the segment of the browser, but got great pressure from Firefox, Chrome or Safari, so users continue to decline. Significant changes in IE 9 this may make it back into the main

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