Monday, March 14, 2011

Save Energy, Sony Turn off Server Final Fantasy

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, making the Sony Online Entertainment decided to shut down the server MMO (Online Multiplayer Masive) for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline service game for a while.
But Final Fantasy fans should not worry, because this service will return to normal. Sony's decision to disable its MMO server is the contribution the company is in Japan's recovery efforts after the earthquake and tsunami.

"Due to the earthquake which shook eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, the electric company in Japan called on all companies save as much energy to spare, anticipating a lack of supply of power," wrote the Sony in his blog.

Thus, as reported by PC Mag and quoted on Monday (3/14/2011), Sony suspend service for two MMO Final Fantasy and PlayOnline, began yesterday at three in the morning local time.

"Sony plans to make the server offline at least one week, but it could be much longer. There will be no charge to gamers for the server in offline state," added Sony.

Apart from two MMO Final Fantasy, other services that helped shut down a server offline for are:

Friend List Plus
FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version
PlayOnline Friend List Application
Community Site Registration Link: Owner Menu
PlayOnline Password Recovery
PlayOnline Account Cancellation
All activities requiring the confirmation of personal information

But their official website will remain online, as well as Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone site, forum games and support center official Square Enix, as the developer of Final Fantasy.

Japan, a country known for the advancement of this technology, also became the central gathering of world-class gaming company. Luckily, the most part, spared from severe damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami last Friday.

Based on reports from local media, gaming companies located in the vicinity of Tokyo such as Nintendo, Sega and Konami are not affected by the quake

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