Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Corsair Preparing New Toys for Gamer

Corsair is not quite satisfied just as pembesut computer components and audio devices. Vendors from the United States that was already preparing another product for the gamer.

Corsair is actually known as one veteran vendor in the industry of computer memory (RAM), then they launched some type of Power Supply Unit (PSU) which is not less successful.

Not quite got there, Corsair also gradually starting to get serious in the field of audio devices by launching a gaming headset and a set of speakers who claimed to be perfect for audio and gaming enthusiasts. It is said that the total investment reached $ 1.8 million to make the speakers.

In addition, the Corsair was already preparing 'toy' new for gamers. As the narrative Scott Thirlwell, Director of APAC Corsair.

"We have not official yet, but we were preparing a mouse and keyboard for gamers," said Scott, at Le Meridien Hotel, on Tuesday (15/03/2011).

Even though Scott has not been much talk about the specifications of both products. But his promise, both will compete with similar products already exist, such as Razer.

Only for Gamers

Corsair is known with its products are priced premium, it is also recognized by Scoot which claims its products are only for certain circles.

"We only focus for gamers. General market is indeed large, but in our opinion less challenging. Siapun can play at that level," he said.

Well, Corsair has indeed proven to be quite a lot of products for gamers. Starting from the fast memory, PSU with large capacity, and the speakers sound kicking. So what about the keyboard and mouse that were promised? Just wait for the promised presence soon.

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