Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marketing Amazone on ipad

Viewwit News Online - Popularity admittedly Apple iPad tablet PC market has been exciting. Various vendors to follow in his footsteps, which previously did not even play in the PC market even if, like Amazon.

The giant online retailer is reportedly plunged immediately joined other manufacturers of tablet PCs in the middle of this year. Interesting, considering the previous Amazon's extensive digital content such as eBooks, movies, music, TV and applications
Android in its App Store. Presumably, this content will be used as 'weapon' tablet Amazon.

Viewwit quoted from Business Insider, Thursday (05/05/2011) says, a technology manufacturer from Taiwan named Quanta known to have received orders from the Amazon to make tablets. The numbers do not play games, 700 to 800 thousand tablets per month to begin shipping in 2011.

Information comes from an internal source who declined to be named Quanta. He said that Amazon's business this can add Quanta revenues to $ 3.5 billion in 2011.

Quanta previously also didapuk Research In Motion (RIM) to create a Playbook. Tablets produced by Quanta claimed to have good quality.

Analysts from Forrester, Sarah Rotman estimate the Amazon are in the best position to compete with Apple in the realm of the tablet, if you could combine a powerful device with a color screen.

"Amazon to create interesting Android-based tablet that offers easy access to the 'shop' Amazon, including the new App Store release of Android. Users can perform one-click purchasing, get the service Amazon Prime and Amazon's recommendation engine," said Rotman

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