Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook rejects accusation Founder Wikileaks

viewwit News Online - Facebook rejected accusations Wikileaks founders, Julian Assange, who called social networking sites as an engine of the most horrible spies. Previously the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange give that statement in an interview with Russian media Time.

"Facebook is a machine spy the most important and terrible. Here (Facebook) has the most comprehensive database of human good in the world of human relationships, human full name, their address, location, family," said Assange.

As viewwit quoted from Russia Time, Saturday (05/07/2011), this claim has been denied by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg founded the site claims to have no automatic data processing to request information. Facebook claims to have a team of professionals to handle things like that.

"We do not respond to pressure (which is a third party) but we are subject to the legal process. Beloum we never pressured to give up certain data - we always fight every time we believe that the legal process is inadequate,"said a spokesman for Facebook.

Assange also accused Google and Yahoo to provide users' personal data to U.S. intelligence and work with governments to facilitate the provision of such information. According Assange, the Internet is a machine that great spy

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