Sunday, May 8, 2011

ipad trouble, sent to hospital

viewwit news online - Four people had taken to the hospital due to minor fights that occur in the App Store Beijing. Because of garanya they could not wait in line IPAD 2 in the city.

Fateful events began when a group of people could not wait in line 2 in the App Store iPad Beijing that looked brittle. After hours of waiting, eager consumers began to push each other full of emotion.

Respond to it, a worker in the App Store started to force the queue to withdraw. Some people who do not receive treatment of the employee and then slammed the glass door that is on the App Store.

The incident safety officer instantly create fury. The fight was no longer inevitable. Small riot that brought the victim four people injured who immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

As quoted Viewwit from The Straits Times, Sunday (05/08/2011), the Apple is not willing to give any comment related to this incident. Currently, the Beijing police were doing in-depth investigation to the four victims who were taken to hospital

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