Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Brand , Apple

Good news coming for Apple. Technology vendors, founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak managed to become the most valuable brand worldwide.

What's more, Apple successfully overthrew the domination of the search engine giant Google which has held that position for a long time. That's the research results published by research firm's global brand, WPP Plc.

Apple's brand value rose 84% last year to $ 153.3 billion. While Google declined 2% to $ 111.5 billion. As a result Google must be willing to sit at number two after four years in power as the most expensive brand.

Technology companies seemed to dominate the ranks of the most popular brand. IBM occupied the top three with $ 100 billion. Then Microsoft is ranked fifth with a brand value of USD 78 billion. While the telecom operator AT & T sitting in place of 7.

Viewwit quoted by Bloomberg, on Monday (09/05/2011), spiraling Apple brand can not be separated from its new product gelontoran well received in the market. For example, iPhone, iMac computers and tablet iPad.

On the other hand, up recorded the fastest growth in brand value, amounting to 246%. These popular networking site sits in the top 35 most valuable brand at $ 19.1 billion.

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