Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IE and Firefox eroded

Safari and Chrome
Viewwt-Based on browser usage statistics, Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft and Mozilla's Firefox lose market share in this month.

Apparently, the presence of IE9 not contribute significant improvement to Microsoft. However, Microsoft still ranks top with a market share of 55 percent.

The same thing happens in Firefox 4 which are both newly released in March last. Although Firefox 4 weekly record, 'the fox fire' has decreased by two-tenths percent of the total points overall.

Instead, the lost market share from both taken by Apple's Safari and Google Chrome. Only two of these browsers that showed strengthening.

While Chrome, as quoted Viewwit from PC World, on Tuesday (03/05/2011), showed an increase of 65 percent in the acquisition of 'pastry' the browser market since June last, up nearly five percentage points.

Furthermore, there is Safari with increased market share of almost 50 percent over June 2010. This rapid increase, mostly donated from the success of the iPhone and iPad.

Here are the top five browser market share (all versions) by netmarketshare.com.

Internet Explorer - 55.11%
Firefox - 21.63%
Chrome - 11.94%
Safari - 7.15%
Opera - 2.14%

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