Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrate Death of Osama

HOT NEWS Today Osama bin Laden's death news was greeted citizens of the United States. They also create digital ceremonial, check in with Foursquare in several venues.

When traced NEWS ONLINE quick search on the column, on Monday (5/2/2011), with the venue name 'Osama' appears several new locations such as: Osama bin Laden is Dead Victory Party, Osama's Death Celebration, Osama's Funeral, Time Square, Osama B Dead Party, and so forth.

Some of the latest venue from New York made ​​known around Times Square and Ground Zero. This certainly used some Foursquare user who likes to act as a jumper.

Osama bin Laden is the leader of Al Qaeda who was victorious over several decades is the main priority of the U.S. in combating terrorism. Especially since 9 / 11 that stir the world with the collapse of the World Trade Centre in downtown New York, USA, 10 years ago....

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