Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Samsung Recommend MacBook Air Competitors, samsung 9 series

Looking for a thin laptop? Do not just focus on the MacBook Air. Samsung also has a similar product, a laptop-thin design with MacBook Air and patterned brushed metal.

Located in Paladada Indonesian Cuisine, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/5/2011), South Korean vendors that launched the category's top notebook titled Samsung Premium Notebook 9 Series.

From the looks, this product does look very slim. Viewed from the casing seems clear indentation elegant metal clad material called duralumin. With these weights, this notebook has only weighs 1.31 kg.

From the body in a particular keyboard and touchpad, Notebook 9 Series also like nut halves with the MacBook Air. The difference is, this Samsung notebook has a contoured metal shades that reinforce the impression of elegance with the keyboard backlight, while the MacBook Air is more plain.

When closed, this product has an arch in the back. Armed with SSD, Samsung claims the Series 9 only takes about 12 seconds to boot.

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