Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE very grateful for the friendships that have been given awards blogger friend. This award will always be extended in this blog. and I always imagined that I still remain in the limo when I get this award. so happy I will try to give a special award or gift to friends the other bloggers. according to my ability.

if my blog can be like Mashable. maybe this blog will be a place to live that long and my blog will be insured. such as houses, cars and health are always insured.

for a few months after HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE domain switching. will open the forum and make the award to friends who always comes to blogs HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE.
hopefully HOT NEWS AND ISSUE HoT will distribute a free domain for a year for friends who are always absent in this blog. free domain but it will be distributed after HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE've switched domain.

contest will begin and the requirements will be determined and assessed the best way possible.
thank you for this award then I will relinquish this to a friend Awad other bloggers such as the list below

  • TINA
 always stay and enjoy on HOT NEWS

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