Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Turmeric Used Can Detect Bombs

The team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts, United States (U.S.) said that turmeric, which is the main ingredient of curry can be used as detection of explosives.

How turmeric can do it? Apparently, turmeric is known to have properties capable of collecting explosives molecules in the air, and change in the components 'light-emitting'that can be measured.

Reported by Pop Science and quoted HOT NEWS N HOT ISSUE on sunday (3/29/2011), a method called fluorescence spectroscopy has been frequently used in a variety of sensing and analysis techniques.

In a test try, a team of scientists led by Abhisek Kumar mixing turmeric powder with a polymer thick and spread on a glass plate. They then direct the LED light up to the plate and measuring light waves emitted from the plate.

The presence of explosives, will cause the emitted light dimmed. Furthermore, sequences that turmeric-based sensors will detect a variety of materials.

Explained Kumar, illuminating certain chemicals cause such materials, in this case of turmeric, would emit light from behind a different color. Effects such as this example is found in materials that are often called glow in the dark.

This light emission intensity can change when different molecules bound to the material that emit light. This is called using the light-sensing techniques.

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