Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fiber Fruit can to make Material Car

Fiber in fruits is not only good for the digestion of the body. Scientists in Brazil revealed, fiber fruits like pineapple or bananas for example, car makers could be material.

Alcides Leao and his team of Paulo State University, has tried to use fiber from fruits and plants as a new generation of plastic materials for use in automotive products such as cars or motorcycles.

They believe, in the future, this material can not only be used to build the body of the car but also the engine. Wow, cool!

"Several car manufacturers have tested the plastic material of the fiber of this fruit and most likely will use it to their car product of two years," said Leao, cited HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE from NineMSN, Tuesday (03/29/2011).

Leao did not mention which car manufacturers are interested in utilizing this invention. But he assured that the strengthening of plastic material with microscopic fiber from fruits like pineapple and banana will make it super strong.

"This material is admirable. Lightweight, yet powerful. About 30 percent lighter and four times stronger than ordinary plastic materials," Leao said during a presentation at a conference of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, California, United States.

This material also say will be more resistant to heat, spills of gasoline, water and oxygen than the plastic materials for automotive in general.

"The world health could use it. This material potential for the manufacture of heart valves and artificial joints bonding network," he said.

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