Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nokia Admits Problem layoff plan

Slanted news about plans layoffs that will be Nokia was not a figment. Finnish mobile phone manufacturer giant open-aperture immediately about the plan that is not populist.

It said Nokia spokesman, Tom Kuuppelomaeki, negotiations between the company and its employees represented by unions will be conducted in late April.

He did not mention the exact date the plan negotiations. But the Nokia promised, when it will be revealed what the company's plans, including how many fire victims will be dropped.

"Until now we do not yet have an exact date, but we plan to begin talks in late April, and began to discuss the relevant amount (of employees who will be subject to layoffs)," said Kuuppelomaeki, quoted from India Times, Thursday (24/3/2011 .)

On February 11, 2011 Last, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has announced the fabric of cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft to adopt the mobile operating system Windows 7 Phone Nokia in handset output.

Well, this agreement is blamed to be one of the key factors that decided the policy laid off most of which took the lives of the developers. Analysts predict there are about 6,000 positions will be cut by Nokia.

Action layoffs at Nokia is not new. Previously, when just a month Elop served as CEO of Nokia, he has made phenomenal policy. How not, 1,800 employees in the company's biggest mobile phone maker is rumored to have to lift the suitcase.

Elop mentioned as a central figure in digolkannya policy. In fact, quoted from Tg Daily, unilateral layoffs are rumored to be a top priority in menakhodai Elop Nokia.

Nokia itself currently has around 19,840 employees in Finland. Of the total, 6500 employees of whom are in research & development division.

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