Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6 Employees Instagram sprayed So Millionaires

Instagram acquisition actions by Facebook to make the more popular photo sharing service. The people in it, especially the CEO Kevin Systrom was in the spotlight.

This acquisition not only makes Systrom suddenly super-rich. Number of employees, too, splashed a millionaire. The new millionaires are on average 20 years old and come from different countries to work in a small office based in San Francisco, USA.

More interestingly, they counted an average of recently joined Instagram and immediately became part of the history of the photo sharing service. Here are six of them who come to taste the sweetness of the acquisition.

Maykel Loomasn has long honed his ability as a software designer for the Dutch. Does not work fixed in a company, but as a freelancer freelancer alias. Until finally he was accepted to work in Instagram on March 22. Men who like to ride this new recorded works less than three weeks before the acquisition.

Bailey Richardson joined Instagram March. Graduate of Stanford University 25-year-old previously worked at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and was a marketing manager at an online art gallery

Ryan Goomba

Just like Ricahrdson and Loomans, Goomba also recently joined Instagram months ago. 20-year-old youth who like to climb this mountain has not completed his computer science studies at Georgia Tech recruited him when Instagram

Tim Van Damme

Belgian-born is very concerned about the effects of visual detail. Instagram since joining in January, the father of one child is given the responsibility as a designer. Van Damme previously a freelancer and has worked in Geolocation service Gowalla. Van Damme really like Instagram and very excited to work there.

"When I think Gowalla coming to an end, I see the iPhone home screen and ask yourself, what applications I like most, used every day and I want to be part of the application. So I contacted Kevin Systrom," he said.

Dan Toffey

 Prior to working at Instagram since March 15 last, and Toffey is communication manager in the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission and worked as a media coordinator for Senator Mary Landrieu.

Men 27 years old who diligently follow this political development is a graduate of Reed College majoring in political science. Slogan on Google profile pages ideals manifest + 'learning something new every second'.

Philip Mcallister

Philip McAllister is a graduate of the University of Tulsa computer science. Before being asked to work in Instagram, McAllister worked in Washington at the Naval Research Laboratory. At a fairly young age, he also served as director of mobile division Gowalla.


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