Monday, August 8, 2011

iPad smuggled across Flying Fox

A group of people caught smuggling iPad middle of Hong Kong through the border city of Shenzen, China. The most attention is the way they smuggle the goods. Namely through the rope that stretched between the two borders, such as in games or flying fox. Wow!

Quoted Viewwit from Today in Tech on Tuesday (09/08/2011), flying fox rope is mounted on the 21st floor house of one offender at an altitude of about 300 meters. Furthermore, the Apple product that has been inserted into the bag, attached to a rope and moved from Hong Kong to China in a way to 'float' in the air.

Police sniff out the smuggling of these practices as suspect the existence of a rope stretched across the border between Hong Kong and the Chinese. After investigating, police team also managed to catch six perpetrators.

Known, the actors not only smuggling but also the iPhone iPad 4. No mention is how many units iPad and smuggled iPhone 4. But the police team testified that the total value of smuggled goods is more than USD 50 thousand (approximately USD 425 million).

Although illegal, but the actions of the actors considered 'dodgy'. Presumably they are driven to find creative ways to avoid the tax system. To note, Hong Kong and China run a different tax system.

Of course, this way they can reap profits by buying electronic goods from Hong Kong market is not too restrictive, and then sell it elsewhere.

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