Monday, May 2, 2011

The death of Osama Defeat Royal Wedding

HOT News Today, Osama bin Laden is confirmed to have died in a raid by the U.S. military. This news immediately horrendous virtual world, even create a site packed with mikroblogiing Twitter postings about Osama's death.

When compared marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the topic of Osama grabbed the attention of the tweeps higher. A few moments after the president announced the death of Osama Barack Obama, almost one-fifth of the global Twitter updates containing the word Osama.

Compare with the top Royal Wedding ceremony wedding ceremony, which was then 'only' reach one tenth of the entire update. Note was delivered by Trendistic that examines trends in Twitter.

Not only on Twitter, the search for Osama bin Laden-related and the president Barack Obama is also dominating the Google search site. Many people looking for news about the death of the leader of Al Qaeda organization.

VIEWWIT from quoted on Monday (02/05/2011), note the Google Hot Trends shows 16 of the 20 most popular Google search phrase in the United States associated with the news. The phrase most popular of them "Osama bin Laden dead" and "president obama".

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