Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The secret of Bad Relationships Google and Apple Revealed

The story about Google's poor relationship with Apple and China will be dismantled out in a book scheduled to be released next week.

Entitled 'In The Plex', the writer Steven Levy's book will tell the complex development of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Reported by The Inquirer and quoted HOT NEWS, Tuesday (04/12/2011), In The Plex also explained the story behind the scenes surrounding the rejection Jobs became the CEO of Google and how to keep the meeting secret iPad Jobs from Eric Schmidt, who was then a board of directors of Apple .

This book will also show how the two companies initially had a very strong relationship and share advice. Jobs even be happy to become adviser to the founders of Google as an infant.

But when Android came and began to threaten the success of the iPhone, the relationship started to dryly, where Jobs feels betrayed.

The tension between Apple and Google were tapered when Android get special moments. But the full story about Jobs feelings about this situation still does not span the 'hierarchy.

This book just says, Jobs called Google's motto is 'do not be evil' is just nonsense. Jobs also questioned why Google entered the mobile phone business, while Apple has no intention of entering the search engine business. In this book also revealed Google's feud with China.

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