Friday, March 11, 2011

Researchers conclude a new virus that causes addiction.

Viewwit News Online...virus which has been we do not know and spread of Internet users. why the spread of Internet users ..??? This virus grew slowly and did not feel its existence. but it is slowly making its Internet users become addicted to something.

Internet brings a variety of viruses that make a person become addicted. primarily engaged in the world of bloggers. Why is it so ..??? that's what made me write an article like this. because I also have felt it. nge-blog fun or blogging and walking also visit the blog friends create their own pleasure. especially the increase backlinks and traffick rank on our blog page.

it's not complete if every day did not visit the webpage of another blogger friend. with a little blog walking trail or can be with another greeting. and also that increasingly make more addictive is VIRUS dollar. Sometimes a fellow blogger friend not only came to die footprint for increased backlinks. although sometimes fraudulent ad clicks so that the same also in the same get backlinks and dollar profit. because besides being a hobby of blogging activity following a side activity. also can be a field that generate business.

That's about a virus that is able to make addictive bloggers. no day without nge-blog or blogging. update articles, looking for friends, and searching for information to be the trend of bloggers. happy blogging

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