Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefox Show More Modis

Finally the highly anticipated Firefox fans came as well. Mozilla Firefox browser has now reached the final four generations. Well, the 'fox fire' now appear more fashionable with the 'legs' which is more drum run.

In this browser war, it appears that Firefox tries to make the browser display becomes much simpler by following the current market taste. But for simple affairs, detikINET still consider Google Chrome is the winner.

Show More Modis

Unlike version 3.6, Firefox 4 has a shape similar to the Chrome tabs are more fashionable and not feel crowded. The difference, Firefox's tab is transparent. As for the menu, at first glance similar to the Opera browser is 10.6, with a browser that is prominent in the upper left.

With a new look this page Firefox feels more relieved. Moreover, if users utilize the appropriate persona.

Which may create new users a bit confused, maybe the display menu which now adjourn. Users no longer find a row of the menu at the top. Instead, Firefox 4 comes with an orange menu labeled Firefox.

When clicked, a menu appears beneath it such as: news windows, options, history and so forth. Firefox 4 also has a new bookmark column located on the right side column of search. This menu gives convenience to the users when I want to make bookmarks with one click only.

Firefox 4 now has an add-on manager that integrated with the browser. When a user clicks on an add-on, the display immediately directed to a new browser tab. Hmmm .. a bit familiar huh? Looks like Firefox back to 'cheat' model similar to Google's Chrome extensions.

The Fox Fire Performance Generation 4

Firefox 4 is the fastest Firefox detikINET ever tasted. Mozilla claims the browser is much faster between 2-7 times the previous version.

Major change is the addition of performance that carried the JavaScript engine that makes the home page loading speed is more pronounced.

Just like the competitors IE9, Firefox also supports today's web technologies such as HTML5. Users also can view a demo of the HTML5 Firefox 4 on the following link.

For HTML5 own performance, it seems this browser does not have any problems. When tested detikINET using the site, several different kinds of canvas tests went pretty smooth and not broken. Similarly, the completeness of CSS3. All have been there in Firefox 4

With all the features brings, Firefox 4 is generally lighter than Firefox 3.6. Maybe Mozilla has to fix the memory allocation is used, because during this Firefox is known to have a heavy memory load. Perhaps for this reason many people on fire fox that move.

Browser War Continues

Data based Metro, IE currently has about 60% market share, dropped from two years ago that at 75%. Firefox itself has a market share of about 23% followed by Google Chrome with 14.9%.

If judging from the number of downloads prime, Firefox 4 seem more superior than IE 9. The number of download which reached 1 million times in the first 3 hours, if kept stable, may be able to beat IE 9 is downloaded about 2.4 million times in the first 24 hours. Seems interesting to see how the course of this fight.

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