Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefox 4 increase Heat Browser War

The final version of the Firefox browser 4 has been launched globally. No doubt, his presence inhabited browser wars heat up names like Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, Apple Safari to Opera.

Firefox alone has recorded more than 400 million users around the world. They also expect that number to grow in the presence of Firefox 4, which claimed to be faster and easier to use than previous versions.

"Mozilla is very proud of Firefox 4, which was created by our community worldwide. This is really a browser of the future. We focus on making the web user experience as fast, and seintuitif as safe as possible," said Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla.

Internet Explorer browser is still the most widely used globally. Yet they continue to lose market share by its competitors, mainly Firefox which trailed in the second position.

Quoted from Metro, Wednesday (23/03/2011), IE now has a market share of about 60%, dropped from two last year at 75%. Firefox itself has a market share of about 23% followed by Google Chrome with 14.9%.
Nothing wrong with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and then released with a number of major changes, especially about the claim of these browsers in use hardware to improve performance. Unfortunately, one of the assessed value minus the IE9 is not include the version of Windows XP, the OS is still widely used.

Well, Firefox 4 alone certainly can be used in Windows XP. Maybe this is a bit much to push the market share of Firefox because XP is still much relied upon computer users. Similarly, the Chrome 10 are still supporting XP.

If judging from the number of downloads prime, Firefox 4 seem more superior than IE 9. The number of download which reached 1 million times in the first 3 hours, if kept stable, may be able to beat IE 9 is downloaded about 2.4 million times in the first 24 hours. Seems interesting to see how the course of this fight.

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